SOUL – Lounge Hot Tub from Jacuzzi Play – 240V


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With seating for up to 6 people and 10 additional jets, the Soul 240V from Jacuzzi Play makes hydrotherapy available to everyone. Comes complete with matching steps with storage, handrail and cover lifter.

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The SOUL from Jacuzzi Play offers affordable, premium hydrotherapy everyone can enjoy.

Featuring targeted foot massage in both the full-body lounge and contoured seats, the 240V SOUL delivers premium Jacuzzi hydrotherapy and is equipped with an additional pump and 10 additional jets compared to 120V models. Comes complete with matching steps with storage, handrail and cover lifter.

  • Premium touches for ambiance
    • Adjustable stainless steel 2-tone jets
    • Adjustable water fountain with LED lighting
    • LED-lit footwell
    • Comfort pillows
    • Exterior LED corner lights
  • Quality construction for efficiency and durability
    • Patented Syncrylic® material
    • Easy-to-use digital control system
    • Efficient, supporting full foam insulation
    • Strong, unibody construction
  • Easy maintenance for maximum enjoyment
    • Super seal interlocking weather shield cover
    • Patented, simple filtration
    • Solid hot tub surface and wear-resistant cabinetry are easy to clean and maintain
Jacuzzi Play - Hydrotherapy made easy.
A Jacuzzi Hot Tub with The Spa and Sauna Co logo

Our hot tubs are built to order and delivered through your local authorized Jacuzzi® professional, who will contact you directly to arrange delivery details.

Spa and Sauna is a licenced Jacuzzi® dealer and installer.  To find out more about this product, contact Spa and Sauna here

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