Traditional Saunas

Sauna Reno Traditional SaunaThe traditional Finnish dry sauna is a high temperature, low humidity hot air bath. This causes sauna bathers to sweat quickly and with great intensity. The benefits of this intense sweat and deep heat are vast. Fist off the heat provides a work-out for the cardiovascular system, and strong detoxification stimulation for the entire body and a boost to the immune system. At The Spa & Sauna Shop we specialize in saunas. Our traditional saunas involve an electric heater that heats up sauna stones which then radiate heat throughout the sauna room. It takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes to heat up a traditional sauna. While in the sauna, most bathers pour water over the rocks to increase the humidity in the sauna. This often moistens the nasal passages and makes the room more comfortable. At The Spa & Sauna Shop, we offer several traditional saunas from Finnleo®. Finnleo® Saunas are the most well built products available in the sauna and steam suite world. Built in the Finnish tradition, there is a model perfect for your home or office.
InfraSauna Reno
2-IN-1 combination of a traditional sauna and an infrared sauna.
Designer Sauna Reno
Designer Modular Saunas With Luxury To Spare. Made from fabricated panels for easy installation.
Outdoor Sauna
Outdoor Sauna Kits. Traditional Saunas for the best in outdoor living.
Panel Built (Sisu) Sauna
Fully-featured, customizable, and portable panel-built saunas. Sisu saunas offer unlimited options.
Custom Cut Sauna
Cut to meet your specific needs. Rooms are cut-to-length based on customer- approved CAD drawings. We have virtually unlimited design possibilities!
Finnleo Sauna | Passport Sauna
The entry-level, fully appointed, affordable traditional Finnish sauna. Easy to assemble, yet loaded with upgrades.