Hot Spring Highlife NXTs

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Hot Spring Highlife NXT's
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With input from BMW Group DesignworksUSA, the stunning new Highlife Collection NXT spas – Grandee® NXT, Envoy® NXT and Jetsetter® NXT – represent the future of spa design.

Highlife NXT spas offer many of the same features and experience as the Highlife Collection. From the sculpted shells and Everwood® HD siding to the jets and other details, these models feature the same quality components and exclusive options.

What makes these spas so special is the entirely new exterior design. Through innovative technology we have achieved a distinctive new look – unlike anything else you will find.

Highlife NXT spas feature unique molded corners and an engineered polymeric sub-structure and base pan that together give the impression that the spa is floating, or standing on legs. The exclusive corners and floating effect, paired with other enhancements, make the NXT models look sleeker and more stylish than traditional spas.

The distinct styling of the NXT models includes:
  1. Architectural Molded Corners
  2. Beautiful Exterior Lighting
  3. Large On/Ready Indicator Lights
  4. Polymeric Sub-Structure
  5. Polymeric Base Pan

Plus, all three models include the exclusive Wireless Remote Control and Tri-X® filters.

HotSpring NXT

Polymeric Sub-Structure
The polymeric sub-structure provides structural support, while making
it possible to achieve the distinctive floating effect that separates
NXT spas from the rest of the Highlife Collection. The polymeric
sub-structure frame also increases durability, and helps preserve fit
and finish after years of ownership.

HotSpring NXTPolymeric Base Pan
Made from heavy-duty ABS, the base pan is recessed diagonally at each corner to ultimately create the illusion that the spa is standing on legs. In addition to preventing moisture from wicking into the bottom of the spa, the base pan is engineered with “ribs” that help increase energy efficiency by minimizing contact with the ground.

Distinctive Style

Hot Tub Style
1. Polymeric Sub-Structure

The internal polymeric frame provides structural support and makes it possible to achieve the distinctive floating effect. It also helps preserve fit and finish over time.

2. Large On/Ready Indicator Lights

The perfect accent, a beveled acrylic plate displays spa status with large indicator lights incorporated into the Hot Spring logo.

3. Architectural Molded Corners

Molded corners create an elegant waterfall-like effect, and feature a unique texture that adds dimension.

4. Beautiful Exterior Lighting

Multi-color LED lights illuminate each corner. Independently controlled, these lights can be set to automatically turn on and off each evening.

5. Polymeric Base Pan

The recessed heavy-duty base pan makes the spa appear as if it is standing on its corners. It prevents moisture from wicking into the bottom of the spa, and has “ribs” that help increase energy efficiency by minimizing contact with the ground.