Hot Tub Cleaning Service

For years The Spa & Sauna Company has been providing cleaning services and other services for every hot tub owner we’ve worked with. We provide the best products and techniques in the industry to insure that when you are ready to enjoy your hot tub, it is perfectly clean and ready for you. Regular cleanings and proper chemical maintenance is the only way to insure longevity in your hot tub.

Why do it yourself? A hot tub is made to be enjoyed. With The Spa & Sauna Company serving as your Hot Tub Cleaning Service you can relax! We take the work out of relaxing. You’ll find your hot tub clean and ready whenever you want to use it.

As your Hot Tub Cleaning Service we provide:

  • Draining and Refilling including cleaning water lines, detailing your hot tub shell, cleaning and/or replacing filters, cleaning and conditioning your cover and pillows.
  • A computerized analysis of you water balance as well as a recipe to keep your spa in top shape.
  • Water care lessons.
  • Non Warranty Spa Repairs
  • Warranty Spa Repairs
  • A complete hot tub Inspection if you’ve just bought a new home with a hot tub or haven’t used yours in awhile.
  • Complete maintenance package: weekly, bi-monthly, quarterly or yearly.

The Spa & Sauna Company has been serving the Reno area for years and is a proven Hot Tub Cleaning Service!